Archie Goodwin: My goal is to get back to NBA

01 Dec, 10:58 1053 views

Former Phoenix Suns, Portland Trail Blazers, Brooklyn Nets player Archie Goodwin is in his first European season. In one of the Top league of Europe Turkish BSL he is among to top 10 shooters.


Turkey has been really good so far.  It is way better than I expected. Especially for it being my first European experience.

Miss USA?

Life in Turkey isn’t too different than in the US. Only thing I say that’s really different is the Prayer Call that plays throughout the day. Other than that everything isn’t too different.


I haven’t done too much exploring of the city because I’ve been occupied with practice and resting. I do plan on looking in the future.

European Basketball

I think the level of basketball in Turkey is pretty good. Everyone competes at a high level and guys make shots. It’s been good. Everyone can play.

Difference between NBA and Europe

The style of basketball in Europe is very different than in the NBA. Europe is way more physical than the NBA on offense and defense. The NBA is more fast paced than Europe is. In today’s NBA with the emphasis on shooting more 3’s it means that teams have to shoot a lot more early shots, so at times it looks like a pickup game.


My goal is to get back to NBA. No matter where I play that’s always going to be my goal. And I will get back. I know I will. I work very hard. I get better every year. I can’t continue to get denied.


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