Tyrell Corbin: They started throwing rocks and apples and things at our bench

21 Aug, 09:23 1693 views

Skilled Point Guard Tyrell Corbin has NBA G-League, NBA Summer League experience. He has played also in Europe, Asia. Still young Guard has some stories from his Basketball life in the world.

Best Country

So far, I would have to say I liked Indonesia the best. The culture, people & cities were the best.


The basketball in Europe is more tactical. They pay attention to detail way more than Asia and reminds me of the US in that way. But Asia is more fast paced with scoring a lot of points. Offense is a priority for sure. I’ve played against talented players everywhere, but the US talent level is still ahead in my opinion.


I would recommend Bali, Indonesia to anyone. The beaches, food and nightlife there make for a really nice vacation spot.

Crazy story

I was playing in Montenegro & a Riot started during an away game. The opponent’s crowd didn’t like the hand signals that my teammates were throwing up. So they started throwing rocks and apples and things at our bench. Craziest thing I’ve ever been apart of.

Best Atmosphere

I would have to say that the atmosphere in Mongolia was the best. I played for the top team there. Our coach is the head coach of the Mongolian national team and a few of my teammates play for the national team as well. With that said, every one of our games was PACKED. The crowds were the best and the fans showed a lot of love.

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